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Nursing Case Study Examples

Nursing case studies play an important part in nursing education.

Students have the chance to apply theoretical knowledge to real clinical scenarios. It helps in building student’s ability to think critically and make more precise decisions.

Free nursing case studies help students to practice and get control over judgment in a risk-free environment.


It’s a complete detail of the patient’s health status needed for their recovery. It includes information related to the patient’s medical history, nursing assessments, and outcomes.¬†

It also represents real symptoms of the disease that appeared in patients.

How Case Study Examples Help in Improving the Knowledge of a Student

Nursing case studies help nurses deeply understand the problems associated with patient care

  • It enhances their skills in clinical reasoning with real-scenario examples
  • It provides a sample case study for nursing students that helps make them familiar with various medical conditions
  • It can be used to gain practical hands-on experience¬†

How to Write a Nursing Case Study Example

In the introduction write a detailed introduction of the patient like name, age, medical history, current health status, and problems arising.

          Explain the main objective of choosing this case study to represent.  Highlight a specific medical condition or nursing intervention.

Patient Profile

Demographic Information consists of the patient’s age, gender,  patients occupation, and any physical activity

Provide all the details of the patient’s medical history. It can state past illnesses, their surgeries, and other treatments 


The patient’s current health status should be addressed. Also, write any symptoms and signs you observe during clinical assessments. It can be chest pain or any other difficulty in breathing.


Describe in detail what nursing interventions are implemented to present the patient’s condition.

Provide rationale details of these interventions, like why to choose them. And how it will improve patient’s health.


     Discuss how the chosen intervention showed its effectiveness and helped in the improvement of patient health.

During this period track the patient’s progress within the time limit and note it to avoid any random results later on.


Summarize all the results and main findings of your implementations. You can highlight all the lessons learned from the case study. Also how others can apply the same procedure and get an advantage in overall result.

Nursing Case Study Example for a  45-year-old female

A 45-year-old female arrived in the emergency department of the hospital with severe chest pain. 

The main purpose of this study is to highlight and present Sarah’s disease case study.

It will help the medical team to get better insights into the problem she has. Then the medical experts can help her to improve her health with proper treatment.

Sarah’s  Profile

Demographic Information

Sarah is a 45 year old office worker. She is married and has two children

Medical History

Sarah has a history of hypertension and high cholesterol. She has been prescribed medication for both conditions but admits to being inconsistent with her medication regimen. She also has a family history of heart disease.

In the past, Sarah has experienced hypertension and high cholesterol. She has been using these medications prescribed by the doctor on alternate days. However, she is not consistent in using these medicines.

Assessment of Sarah’s health

Patient’s Current Condition¬†

When arrived at the hospital, Sarah looked very anxious. She was clutching her chest. 

Her vital signs include blood pressure 150/90 mmHg, heart rate 110 bpm, respiratory rate 22 breaths per minute, and oxygen saturation 95% on room air.

Symptoms and Signs

Sarah reported that she was feeling a stabbing chest pain that disturbed her left arm and jaw badly. Her pain level was 8 by 10 on the pain scale.

She was also experiencing shortness of breath and extreme dizziness


Nursing Interventions Applied

  • ¬†Firstly she took an administered aspirin 325 mg orally
  • Provided her with supplemental oxygen through a nasal cannula at 2 L/min¬†
  • It was made sure that Sarah was connected to a cardiac monitor. She obtained a 12-lead ECG¬†
  • Nurses established an IV line. After that, she was given administered nitroglycerin as a doctor’s prescription
  • Nurses educated Sarah on the importance of¬† taking medicines in times of need

The Rationale for Each Intervention

  • ¬†Sarah was given aspirin because it helps reduce blood clotting. Helps the patient avoid the risk of heart attacks
  • To reduce pressure on the heart supplemental oxygen was necessary
  • To control sudden cardiac events monitoring of cardiac and ECG are very important
  • Nitroglycerin helps to reduce chest pain. It dilates blood vessels and helps in improving blood flow.
  • Educating the patients on why medicine is important and how it helps in improving healthy lifestyles is a first step in Patient awareness.


The outcomes of the Interventions

Sarah’s chest pain reduced to 3 by 10 after getting nitroglycerin

Her vital signs stabilized, and she reported feeling less anxious

Patient’s Progress

Sarah was again admitted to the emergency ward for further observation and treatment

In the next 24 hours, her medical condition continuously improved with nursing care 

Summary of the Case Study

This case study showed an effective management of a patient’s severe condition.¬†¬†

It was all possible due to the proper attention of nurses and medical experts. 

They controlled, administered, and monitored this situation effectively.

Lessons Learned and Implications for Practice

Consistent medication adherence and lifestyle changes are vital in managing chronic conditions like hypertension and high cholesterol. Early intervention and thorough patient education can significantly improve patient outcomes. This case highlights the importance of comprehensive nursing care in acute settings.

The discipline and consistency in taking proper medicine as prescribed by the doctors play important roles in a healthy lifestyle.

 As Sarah had hypertension and high blood pressure problems.

So, by educating Sarah about her condition helped her in accepting and stabilizing. It also showed the focus on nurse care in acute medical conditions.


Practicing through nursing case studies is a great tool for students and assistants. 

By writing this study students get an advanced approach towards patient care.

If students are busy they can get expert help at etutors writing services. 

Students always need improvements in practical experiences, by doing such assignments they can enhance their work abilities too. 

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