Top Nursing Application Essays Examples and Tips

Nursing Application Essay Examples

In this article, we are going to explore what are nursing application essays. Why it is important to write an essay before admission. What are critical points that need to be considered before writing? 

Importance of Nursing Application Essay

Nursing school essays are the backbone of securing admission. They help schools know why you are choosing the nursing field. A good nursing entrance essay will tell the administration about your interest in nursing and personality. 

It gives the administration a chance to evaluate your test scores. It also helps them get an idea of your passion for the medical field. It’s your chance to explain why you want to pursue a career in nursing. Therefore, write a good nursing program essay that stands out from the rest.

The Competitive Nature of Nursing School Admissions

Getting admission into the College of Nursing is very competitive. Many students want to join the healthcare field as nurses, but due to high competition, it’s merely possible. This means you need to write a nursing school admission essay with expert advice.

Schools have the record of your grades but they want to know your abilities. They want to know your specialties and expertise to handle different situations. A strong entrance essay for nursing can get you noticed by the admission committee.

What is a Nursing Application Essay?

A  nursing essay is a personal statement needed to apply for nursing school admission. It explains why you want to be a nurse and best fit for the program.

You can write about experiences with family members and your desire to enter nursing programs. 

Your nursing school application essay must show your passion for patient care.

Key Components of a Nursing Application Essay

Personal Statement

For writing a personal statement you must choose to share your personal story. 

It’s a part of the nursing admission essay. Can you share what motivates you to become a nurse? 

You may have some past experiences of helping a family member or volunteering in a hospital. It can be an event or a situation you faced. 

This type of statement will show your emotional side as well. 

Career Goals

It is very important to talk about your career goals before taking admission. Explain clearly what you will do after completing this course. you may have plans to work in a hospital or a clinic.

Talking about these details will show your career goals for the future in nursing.  

It also shows your seriousness in joining the nursing profession. This part will influence the admission committee to select you as the next candidate.

Relevant Experiences

Including relevant experiences in the entrance essay for the nursing program is a plus point. Talk about how you spent your time with patients. 

What is more interesting about working in a healthcare field?  How your experience will help you in your career. 

Your experience will make your essay more special. It will help you in getting the top position. 

Skills and Attributes

Your nursing school application essay should highlight your skills and attributes. Talk about qualities like being caring, responsible, and hardworking. Mention any specific skills you have that will help you in the nursing profession. 

Your nursing school application essay must show your skills and attributes. Talk about how caring you are.  How you take responsibility and tell them about your hard work. 

Like if you are good at listening or talking to people. You can show it as a communication skill. These types of skills are very important in nursing. 

Because nurses are responsible for handling patient’s stressful situations. 

Benefits of Reviewing Nursing Essay Examples

Inspiration and Ideas

Looking at nursing admission essay examples will help you get new ideas for writing an essay. You can see how pioneer students made their admission successful through essays. 

You will have better options to write your essay. Nursing application essay samples will show you new ways to address your story. 

It will improve your writing style and make it easy to write a strong and compelling story. 

Understanding Expectations

Reviewing a sample nursing admission essay will help you understand the main requirements of a nursing school. 

You can see what a strong essay is like and what types of stories are acceptable. 

It will help you avoid common mistakes. By understanding the expectations, you can write an essay that will meet all the requirements. 

Improving Writing Skills

Reading sample nursing admission essays will improve your writing skills. You will learn to organize your essay perfectly. It will help you in using clear language. 

Good writing makes the application essay stand out. It helps you in communicating your passion for the nursing field. 

 Improving your writing skills means you are ready to create a strong and effective nursing program essay.

Detailed Analysis of Nursing Essay Examples

Example 1: Overcoming Challenges

Background and Context

This nursing school application essay example will focus on how to overcome challenges. The student talks about the  difficult situations they faced. how these challenges are preparing them for a career in nursing. 

This background will help you to understand how students show resilience and dedication. It makes their story more relatable.

Key Strengths

The key strength of this nursing entrance essay lies in its depth. The student shares personal experiences.  Their determination and readiness are key signs to help patients. genuine essays are more likely to get higher scores. It is enjoyable to read and the reader feels a connection with the student’s journey and understands why they want to become a nurse.

Areas of Improvement

In writing your areas of improvement section, you will understand your flaws. It’s a good style to tell the selection committee how this admission is important for you. 

How it will help you improve your flaws and mistakes in patient care. It’s a sign of a growth mindset. 

How to Use Nursing Essay Examples Effectively

Using nursing essay examples will help you write an influencing essay. These examples are being provided for ease of students. 

Do’s and Don’ts

Dos: Adapt, Personalize, and Learn

By looking at these examples you should adapt the style of writing. It must be a learning medium for you. You can use multiple ideas to fit your story. Always make sure to tell who you are and why you are the best fit. 

Personal statements must be engaging and the reader must get some motivation from it too. 

Don’ts: Copy or Rely Solely on Examples

Don’t try to copy example materials. This type of plagiarism is not allowed in academic institutes. 

Your essay must show your originality. 

Your writing must be a collection of your thoughts and experiences. Don’t depend or rely on these examples. These are just to inspire and motivate you. 

Tips for writing a compelling nursing application essay 

  1. Start Early: Begin your essay before the admission date starts. It will help you to prepare in advance. 
  2. Be Authentic:  Always use an authentic approach. show your own experiences and voice to make it genuine and relatable.
  3. Seek Feedback: You can take feedback from your friends, family, and teachers too.  
  4. Focus on Structure and Clarity: make sure your essay contains a clear structure required by the selection committee.
  5. Avoid Common Mistakes: Don’t use generic statements and proofread before submission. 


It is hard for beginners to write a nursing school essay. But putting in your efforts will make you the best fit for admission. You should be confident enough to share your personal experiences. You can secure a spot in a nursing career easily. 

If it’s hard for you, we have a solution at etutors. you can always get an expert’s advice, consultation, and writing help. You can also get valuable feedback. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

 Can you help me write a nursing admission essay that stands out?

Yes, we can help you write a great nursing admission essay. We can do multiple revisions and improvements

 What should I include in my nursing admission essay?

Add your thoughts, inspirations, and goals to work in medical settings. Your experiences related to the field. How you will get an advanced career after taking admission. 

 How can nursing admission essay examples help me?

By giving you multiple ideas. You can use a way of expression from past essay examples. You can learn to write application essays effectively.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in a nursing admission essay?

Avoid copy-pasting nursing application essay examples. Don’t overwrite. Nursing schools mention a number of words for essays and personal statements. Look for the requirements of the school and write accordingly. 

 How do I highlight my unique attributes in a nursing admission essay?

You must know your key abilities like communication, helping a family member when they are sick, and caring for a patient. Your working style must be professional. You may have organizational skills. You can write all these in highlighting attributes. 


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