why i want to be a nurse essay

Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay


Writing an influential essay on “Why you want to be a nurse”  requires an understanding of how to plan and connect your emotions to the subject.

This essay will explore my journey and why I chose nursing as a profession. 

It will highlight the passion, goals, and valuable sides of this career.

Show an Emotional Connection to the Profession

The nursing profession goes beyond mere job satisfaction. As you can write it as I deeply felt its connection within me. Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by the healthcare sector.

The nursing field has the privilege of providing comfort in people’s lives.

In the healthcare field, the deep-rooted desire for patient care and to promote healing is irreplaceable. These things have drawn my attention to the right profession.

The decision to become a nurse in the United States doesn’t depend only on nursing program aspirations. It also depends on how this medical field is helping people in their time of need.

It’s not just about administering treatment; it’s about fostering trust, offering solace, and empowering patients to navigate their health challenges with dignity and resilience.

It’s about supporting patients and making sure that their voices are heard, and their needs are met honestly. This emotional bond forms the backbone of my responsibility in this noble profession.

It’s about changing the lives of people. It’s also about contributing positively to the broader healthcare system.

Choosing nursing as a career path isn’t a light decision. It represents high values as a nursing student.

Through consistency in learning and dedication toward medical assistants, I always admired the qualities of a nursing role.

In a nursing position, patient visits are an opportunity to create a meaningful impact on the rest of my life.

How to Write Your Passion to Be a Nurse

My passion for nursing is deeply rooted in facing new challenges as an adult nursing assistant. It’s a dream career to engage with health sciences.

From a young age, it has been my strong desire to help patients as a certified nursing assistant. Human life a little bit revolves around compassion and career choice.

In the nurse practitioner essay, we can easily write our career goals to inspire the admissions committee.

The field of nursing requires nursing essays as an admission tool.

Either you are applying as a pediatric nurse in high school or as a geriatric care nurse in nursing school. You will need essay help to fulfill the requirements of healthcare administration.

The only way to fulfill my passion for nursing is by competing with the best nursing essay. Custom essays can be achieved with the Hire Writer service at etutors.

Regarding this noble profession, many institutes offer nursing scholarships for students.

Why It’s a Great Adventure Being a Nurse

Being a nurse is a dream job full of surprises and good times. Every day in nursing practice there are chances to learn new things. It possesses a positive impact in difficult times for patients.

On becoming a nurse you help people in many ways. I like working in emergency departments and as a home nurse. Critical care of patients is the responsibility of a good nurse.

So choosing this educational career has the advantage of gaining personal experience at the end of the day.

It also opens doors to different career branches in the healthcare industry.

As a nursing practitioner, it’s very challenging to move from an emergency at one time and dealing with normal patients at another.

In nursing, helping others makes it special, and how you feel about it makes each day special. You meet different people and get valuable experience in changing other people’s lives too.

Show That You Care

Nurses make other’s lives special by not only giving medicine but also by having the right behavior.

 When someone is sick or hurt, nurses are there to give them comfort and support. They listen to nurses as healthcare professionals take care of their patients at the highest levels. They are always there for their patients and their families. They inform you about any updates. Everyone at hospitals and clinics is well treated and special.

Share Your Aspirations of Why to Become a Nurse

I want to be a nurse because I like helping people and making sure everyone can be healthy and happy. 

To provide the best care possible is my duty as a professional nurse. 

I critically think about the idea of writing a scholarship essay. It will make a big difference overall in taking admission. You can visit educators for this service.

Being a nurse is not just a job to me. It’s a way to make the world a better place by positively impacting my surroundings.

My Statement on Nursing as a Profession Essay

In writing a personal statement, one has to address all the things, like career goals and why they were chosen. How much potential do they have to excel in the field? 

The personal statement also includes a way of inspiring the admissions committee to believe you are the best fit. 

Nursing is not just a profession, it’s a way of life. One must commit to their responsibilities all the time. So while writing an essay , you must clearly show your intentions of why you want to be a nurse. 

You need to tell them that you are ready to take on this burden happily. Because it’s not just learning or one-time shift work. Sometimes nurses work all day and night. 

You need to become the best nurse possible. Your first and foremost responsibility is to make your patients comfortable with the hospital environment and their medication schedule.

Also you should be happy with the work environment. It is always a team effort to handle a single patient. This trait of giving back to the community is what an efficient nurse can achieve.


Why I Want to Be a Nurse essay can be easily written with focus and clear attention. In this digital era, it’s also possible to hire a writer, like an expert tutor, or use a writing service if you have no time. These essays are the first step to admission to nursing. So one must be very accurate in choosing a word limit and a service for such writing. As future life goals and a dream job depend on it.

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