Capella RN to BSN Prerequisites

Capella RN to BSN Prerequisites

Capella RN to BSN Prerequisites

Capella RN to BSN Prerequisites helps registered nurses become better nurses. But before you join, you need to know about its requirements. Before joining the program, there are things you need to have. First, you need to have some education. Second, you need to have experience working with patients. You must have finished a nursing program. This could be a two-year or three-year program. It’s essential to have this base knowledge. 

Importance of Prerequisites

These are the things you need before you can join the program. They’re essential because they help you prepare for your learning. They also help you become a better nurse by teaching you things you need to know.

Academic Preparation

Meeting these requirements helps you prepare for the more challenging classes you’ll take in the program. You’ll learn about the human body and how it works, which is essential for nursing.

Professional Development

These prerequisites show you’re interested in learning and growing as a nurse. This is important because nursing is constantly changing, and you must keep learning to be good at your job.

Overview of Capella University’s R.N. to B.S.N. Prerequisites

Now, let’s talk about what you need to have before you can join Capella’s program.

Application Fee

To start your journey toward getting your B.S.N. degree, there’s a $50 application fee. This fee covers processing your application, getting your transcripts, and checking your transfer credits.


When you apply, you must show a valid government photo I.D. This helps make sure everyone applying is who they say they are.


You’ll also need to send in official copies of your school records from any other colleges you’ve been to. These records show what classes you’ve taken and how well you did.

Minimum G.P.A

Each program at Capella has rules about how well you need to do in your classes to get in. So, besides doing well in your classes, you also need to have a certain grade point average (G.P.A.).

Acknowledgment Agreement

Before you finish your application, you must agree to follow all of Capella’s rules and requirements. This includes things like following the rules for your program and behaving ethically.

English Proficiency

Since all the classes at Capella are in English, you must be good at it. This means you need to be able to understand, read, speak, and write in English well. This helps ensure you can do well in your classes and understand everything your teachers say.

Nursing Degree or Associate Degree in Nursing

It would help if you had a nursing or associate’s degree from a school approved by the U.S.U.S. Department of Education or an internationally recognized institution. This means you’ve completed the required education to become a nurse.

R.N. Licence Verification and Work Experience Acknowledgement

You’ll need to fill out a form that confirms you have a valid and unrestricted licence to work as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the United States. This shows that you’re qualified to practise nursing in the U.S.U.S. Additionally, you’ll acknowledge your work experience as an R.NR.N.

S.A.T. and A.C.T. Not Required


In the program, you’ll learn about a lot of different topics. These include nursing theory and community health (helping people stay healthy in their communities).

G.P.A. Requirements

Your G.P.A. is your grade point average. A good G.P.A. is crucial because it shows that you’ve done well in your classes. This helps the university know that you’ll also do well in their program,

Flexibility of Capella’s Program

This program is flexible, which means you have a lot of choices. You can study online, which means you can learn from home. This is helpful if you have a job or a family to care for.

Online Learning Options

Studying online means you don’t have to go to a physical classroom. You can do your classes and assignments from your home. This makes it easier to balance your studies with your other responsibilities.

Capella RN to BSN Prerequisites

Part-Time vs. Full-Time Study

You can choose to study part-time or full-time. If you study part-time, you take fewer classes each semester. If you study full-time, you take more classes. This lets you go at your own pace and find a schedule that works for you.

How Much Does Capella FlexPath And Guided Path Cost?

The cost of getting your B.S.N. degree can vary depending on factors like how you choose to learn and your academic performance.


FlexPath is a self-paced learning format that gives you control over your schedule. You can take courses at your speed and move on whenever you’re ready.

  • You can enrol in one or two core courses at a time and aim to complete them within 12 weeks.
  • For every 2 Capella quarter credits, you earn one program point.
  • There are no set deadlines or course room discussions to worry about.
  • The cost is a flat tuition fee per 12-week billing session:
  • For those moving at an accelerated pace, it’s $6,740.
  • For a typical pace, it’s $13,480.
  • And for those taking it slower, it’s $20,220.


GuidedPath is a structured learning format with active peer community and faculty guidance.

  • It follows a quarter system, with 1 to 3 courses per 10-week quarter.
  • Each semester credit is equal to 1.5 quarter credits.
  • You’ll have weekly assignments and participate in courtroom discussions.
  • The cost varies based on your course load or quarter.
  • There’s also a fee for credits earned:
  • For credits at the 1000-2000 level, it’s $365 per credit.
  • Credits at the 3000-4000 level are $388 per credit.
  • Additionally, there’s a $125 resource kit fee.
  • The total number of quarter credits is 180, with a maximum of 135 transfer credits.

Capella RN to BSN Prerequisites

So, when considering the cost of your B.S.N. degree, it’s essential to weigh these factors and choose the path that best fits your needs and budget.


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