NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 4 Implementing New Educational Technology

NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 4


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20 March 2024


NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 4 Implementing New Educational Technology


Foster a culture of innovation and collaboration among nursing faculty and students to drive ongoing improvement in nursing education practices. The use of technology in different fields of nursing was so vast. But nowadays it is playing an important role in the treatment of diseases. Fairfield University offers an online Doctor of Nursing Practice degree that shows the most authentic level of academic preparation for nursing practice in the USA. Technological advancements in medical education are evolving from teaching tools to crucial components of curriculum programming, creating new demands to optimize and innovate.

The delivery of health care is changing quickly. The best use of educational technology in nursing is remote care of patients. The most challenging aspect is developing and implementing digital solutions that are suitable for the majority of individuals while making patient compliance and flexibility for use in different healthcare systems and living environments (Aparoo, 2020 ). Through the strategic integration of technology into its teaching method, UMSN can provide aspiring nurses with the necessary skills to provide excellent remote diabetes care. The field of telemedicine is growing rapidly in anesthesiology. There is an association between remote preoperative evaluation and higher patient and physician evaluation ratings, decreased patient commute and wait times, and comparable procedure postponement numbers (Leckenby et al., 2021).

Methods For Implementing Changes In Existing Educational Technologies Or Aspects Of Their Current Use

 A dynamic learning environment that equips graduates with the particular difficulties of managing diabetes remotely will be created by combining interactive elements, case studies, and real-world situations (Minty et al., 2022). The Movement Disorder Society’s clinical Diagnostic Criteria for Alzheimer’s Disease are outlined in this document. Movement Disorder Society criteria are developed for use in clinical studies, but may also be used for clinical diagnosis. ATI TEAS measures students’ basic nursing knowledge and gets them ready for the national licensing test, the NCLEX-RN. Infrastructure and support for infrastructure is also a vital part of this plan, including computer systems and equipment installation. As a result, Movement Disorder Society criteria maintain the features that have proven valuable in earlier standards and eliminate the features that are no longer needed, concentrating on diagnosis according to the latest knowledge. Organoids mimic many aspects of infancy human brain maturation at the molecular, cellular, structural, and functional scales, such as forming different cortical neuronal layers (Ming, 2019).

Resource Requirements For A Successful Technology Change Implementation.


Generally, change management involves the adoption, control, and implementation of change. In order to improve profitability and productivity, technology change management identifies and implements new technology. It reduces resistance, improves communication and addresses the challenges inherent in major change. Respecting the Three Core Values of UMSN: Quality, Innovation, and Patient-Centered Care It’s possible that excellence, innovation, and patient-centred treatment are among UMSON’s key principles. All three are immediately addressed by the suggested modifications to instructional technology.  The objective of this study is to determine important areas of expertise for implementing digital technologies in healthcare environments, to analyze the capabilities of healthcare professionals in these areas, and to evaluate aspects relevant to their abilities in these areas.  There must be changes in health as a result of digitalization.


Requirements for End-User Training for Successful Technology Change 


Real-world application of web-based programs like the Social Brain Toolkit requires evaluation of intervention strategies as well as efficacy and effectiveness (Rietdijk, 2020). UMSN promotes an environment that welcomes novel concepts and methods for nursing education. The ultimate goal of these adjustments is to enable graduates to provide patients with high-quality treatment from a distance. In addition to enhancing UMSN’s standing, this investment guarantees that its graduates will be prepared for success in the rapidly changing field of healthcare delivery. By evaluating how the Social Brain Toolkit is being implemented, for example, we can develop and implement interventions that are feasible, scalable, sustainable, and acceptable for the community. A new version of Social Brain will incorporate and address user feedback directly wherever possible.

Evaluation Plan For Educational Technology Changes

The University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSON) has the potential to significantly alter education via the innovations it has in store for educational technologies. These adjustments, which centre on providing remote treatment for long-term illnesses like Type 2 diabetes, have enormous potential to enhance the company in a number of important areas.  The targeted technology selection in which through feature and functional comparison, nursing educators may choose the technology that most closely matches curriculum-specific learning goals. Information about resident performance must be reliable and valid in order to improve patient safety and training programs. The objectives were to identify important performance gaps among anaesthesia residents that are not usually evaluated as well as to validate scores from a simulation-based multi-scenario assessmentThe objectives were to identify important performance gaps among anaesthesia residents that are not usually evaluated as well as to validate scores from a simulation-based multi-scenario assessment.

 Slides That Augment A Multimedia Presentation


UMSN is a leader in the area of nursing education by improving graduate skills, patient outcomes, accessibility, and a culture of innovation. Multimedia presentations make use of several forms of digital communication, such as video, interactive slides, audio clips, etc. The suggested upgrades to UMSN’s instructional technology have a lot of promise. This might include developing instructional materials, holding seminars, and giving faculty members continuous assistance as they incorporate these new technologies into their pedagogical approaches. By providing students with practical experience in real-time data collection, frequent patient engagement, and medication modifications based on remotely collected information, these technologies help students enhance their knowledge and abilities related to remote care (Mason et al., 2022).

Slide 1: Revolutionizing Nursing Education for Remote Diabetes Care

The University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSON) is at the forefront of transforming nursing education by integrating technology specifically designed for remote diabetes care.  The healthcare landscape is rapidly shifting towards telehealth models, creating a surge in demand for nurses with specialized skills in this area. UMSN, a leader in innovation, is committed to preparing its graduates for the future by equipping them to excel in this emerging field.

Slide 2: Challenges and Opportunities in Remote Care

While there are challenges, such as ensuring patient compliance and adapting care plans for a virtual environment, the opportunities presented by remote care are undeniable.  This model offers increased accessibility for patients, potentially leading to improved health outcomes. Additionally, nurses with these specialized skills will be highly sought-after in the job market.

Slide 3: UMSN’s Proposed Educational Technology Solutions

UMSON proposes a multi-faceted approach to address these challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of remote care. This includes the integration of interactive learning modules on remote diabetes management protocols, real-time data collection and analysis tools to monitor patient vitals and glucose levels, and simulation software for practising remote patient consultations. These technologies will empower graduates to deliver high-quality care to patients remotely.

Slide 4: Empowering Graduates, Enhancing Patient Care

By equipping graduates with the skills necessary for remote diabetes care, UMSN graduates will experience enhanced job prospects in this growing field, while also gaining the ability to deliver high-quality care to patients remotely. Patients will benefit from increased access to specialized diabetes care and the convenience and flexibility of managing their condition remotely.

Slide 5: UMSN: A Leader in Innovative Nursing Education


Ultimately, UMSN’s commitment to innovation strengthens its reputation as a leader in nursing education. By embracing technology for remote care, UMSN not only benefits its graduates and patients but also contributes to improved patient outcomes in the community as a whole.

Communicating An Educational Technology Change Implementation Plan Effectively With Executive Leaders


The United States Department of Labor states that today’s nurses consider soft skills as more crucial to work productivity than job-specific skills. A newly released LinkedIn Global Talent report revealed that 89 per cent of companies say it’s due to a lack of soft skills that a candidate doesn’t perform well. The reputation of a nursing program’s innovation significantly influences students’ decisions about nursing programs, according to a 2019 study published in the Journal of Nursing Education. Effective communication about technology will also contribute to an organization’s long-term success.

Nursing simulation software is excellent at developing practical skills in a secure setting and encouraging cooperation and critical thinking in role-playing situations. According to a systematic study by (Shin & Kim, 2020), nursing students’ clinical competence, self-efficacy, and critical thinking disposition all increased as a consequence of simulation-based learning with the use of nursing simulation software. The best strategy makes use of each other’s advantages.UMSN has a lot of promise with the suggested upgrades to its instructional technology. These developments establish UMSN as a leader in the area of nursing education by improving graduate skills, patient outcomes, accessibility, and a culture of innovation. At UMSN, the nurse educator is essential to the effective execution of the suggested modifications to instructional technology. In addition to developing logically distinct categories of pragmatic measures, the study built on a comprehensive analysis of the literature and semi-structured stakeholder meetings to generate 47 criteria for practical measures.


A Relevant And Credible Evidence Base Should Accompany Assertions, Arguments, Proposals, And Conclusions


The University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSON) has suggested instructional technology innovations that have great potential for both the school and the healthcare system overall. Let’s examine the benefits these adjustments may provide in a few important areas, supported by reliable data, to strengthen the case for them. Improving Graduate Skills and Employability: Increasing work possibilities is a direct result of providing nurses with remote care skills. According to a 2022 research conducted by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), a startling 76% of healthcare employers said that there is an increasing need for nurses with telemedicine capabilities.

These abilities will be taught throughout the curriculum, giving UMSN graduates a strong foundation for success in this quickly developing industry. Better Patient Outcomes: There is clear evidence that receiving quality remote treatment for long-term illnesses like Type 2 diabetes improves patient outcomes. The proposed modifications at UMSN directly address this issue by guaranteeing patients with Type 2 diabetes who would otherwise encounter barriers to greater accessibility to specialist treatment. UMSN establishes itself as a pioneer in cutting-edge nursing education, enhancing patient care, expanding access to medical facilities, and enhancing the institution’s standing in the industry.


NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 Conclusion :


Because of its emphasis on using cutting-edge technologies, UMSN is positioned at the forefront of nursing education and will continue to be a top choice for luring the most talented future nurses. In summary, the University of Michigan School of Nursing’s (UMSON) planned modifications to its instructional technology constitute a wise investment with substantial returns. Graduates from UMSN are better prepared for a developing employment market and are able to provide patients with chronic illnesses like Type 2 diabetes with high-quality treatment by providing them with remote care abilities. In addition to enhancing patient outcomes, the combination of telehealth and remote monitoring technology increases access to healthcare services for those with mobility or geographic constraints. In addition, UMSN cultivates an innovative culture and establishes itself as a pioneer in progressive nursing education, drawing elite students and enhancing its standing. These adjustments, which are backed by an abundance of reliable data, show a commitment to both enhancing nursing education and the delivery of healthcare in the future.

The dynamic nature of healthcare necessitates a critical but astute approach to integrating technology into nursing education. The National League for Nursing (NLN) released a report in 2020 that highlights the need for creative training methods to deal with the increasing complexity of nursing practice (NLN, 2020). It has become clear from this research that just having access to technology is insufficient. Nursing schools may empower students and maximize learning outcomes by carefully evaluating the affordances of various technologies and strategically incorporating them into the curriculum. With an emphasis on self-evaluation and NCLEX-RN preparation, ATI TEAS gives students the tools they need to pinpoint their knowledge gaps and create focused study plans. Personalized study plans created by ATI TEAS may dramatically increase student performance on the NCLEX-RN test, which is the national licensing exam for nurses, according to data from ATI Nursing Education (2023). Nursing simulation software is excellent at developing practical skills in a secure setting and encouraging cooperation and critical thinking in role-playing situations.

According to a systematic study by (Shin & Kim, 2020), nursing students’ clinical competence, self-efficacy, and critical thinking disposition all increased as a consequence of simulation-based learning with the use of nursing simulation software. The best strategy makes use of each other’s advantages(Mason et al., 2022).


NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 References:


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